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Unique Field Trip with Star of Honolulu’s FREE Educational Cruises

Star of Honolulu is inviting Hawaii’s teachers and public school keiki to climb aboard for a whale watching excursion they’ll never forget. From January 2 to April 5, 2019, public school students in grades 2 to 5 are invited to cruise FREE aboard Star of Honolulu’s Early Bird Whale Watch cruise!

We’re proud to offer fully sponsored educational cruises in our effort to promote cultural and marine awareness. Aboard Hawaii’s most popular whale watch cruise, public school keiki will have a blast observing Humpback whales as they frolic and wade in our islands’ warm waters. Our friendly crew of certified Naturalists will share their knowledge about these majestic marine mammals through informative displays, engaging narration and handouts for keiki. Students and teachers alike are sure to enjoy a memorable education adventure aboard their new favorite outdoor classroom!

Star of Honolulu offers fully sponsored cruises for student groups that meet the following qualifications:

  • Hawaii’s public school children, grades 2-5.
  • One or more of the students would not otherwise be able to afford the cruise.
  • The group size does not exceed 50 people.
  • The group meets 1 Adult for every 5 Students supervision ratio.

Click here to download the special FREE Educational Cruises application, or call 808-983-STAR (7827). We can’t wait to welcome you aboard!

Shapes, Sizes and Species of Whales

From Humpback whales to Belugas and everything in between, it’s sometimes tough to keep track of these majestic ocean creatures. We’re breaking down some of the more common whale species you might be lucky enough to spot:

  • Sperm Whale
    Boasting a uniquely angled blow and single blowhole on the left side of their body, these grand toothed whales are easily identified at sea. The magnificent Sperm Whale is also one of the deepest diving mammals in the world, with the ability to dive nearly 3 kilometers deep while holding their breath for up to two hours.
  • Beluga Whale
    “Baby Beluga in the deep blue sea” is a beloved whale for a reason! These marine mammals wear a distinctive, bright white coat and are known as the more vocal of the species. In fact, they can often be heard “singing” from well above the ocean waters!
  • Fin Whale
    The majestic Fin Whale is one of the largest marine animals in existence (second to the enormous Blue Whale). At their most impressive, Fin Whales can measure up to 27 meters long and weigh up to a whopping 120 tons! Mostly residing in the Gulf of California and the Mediterranean, this whale species rarely breaches like Humpbacks. They’re also remarkably fast, and feed mostly on plankton and large schools of fish.
  • Tube Whale
    Also known as the North Atlantic Right Whale, the affectionately named Tube Whale is now regarded as one of the most endangered of the great whales, with a population of fewer than 500. Bearing a giant head that accounts for nearly one quarter of its body length, the Tube Whale is also easily identified by the distinct growths near the top of its head and lip.
  • Humpback Whale
    Of course, no list of whale species would be complete without our personal favorite, the Humpback whale! Also known as Kohola in Hawaiian, these remarkable marine mammals range in size from 40 to 50 feet and weigh up to 45 tons. Every winter, these marine mammals venture from Alaska’s cold waters to Hawaii’s warm ocean, where they breed and nurse their young.

Every winter and spring, we’re fortunate enough to spot Humpback whales aboard the Star of Honolulu! To take part in your own whale watch adventure, call (808) 983-STAR (7827) or visit

Splash into Whale Watch Season in Hawaii with “Child FREE” Special

Are you ready to have a whale of a time? Star of Honolulu sure is! Hawaii’s favorite Humpback whale visitors are returning to our islands’ warm waters, and we’re inviting visitors and kamaaina alike to climb aboard the STAR for a whale watching adventure they’ll never forget! From January 2 to April 5, 2019, we’re offering Hawaii’s most popular whale watch cruise with guaranteed whale sightings and a “Child FREE” special.

Throughout whale watch season, we’re inviting children ages 3 to 11 to cruise FREE with each paying adult aboard the Premier Whale Watch and Early Bird Whale Watch cruises. Bring the whole family for a fun-filled day of spotting these majestic ocean creatures in their ocean home! Then learn from our friendly crew of certified Naturalists, who love sharing their knowledge through informative displays, narration, handouts and a fun kids program.

Equipped with a 60-foot high observation deck, four walk-around decks and three types of stabilizers, the Star of Honolulu is the ultimate tour vessel to view Humpbacks in their natural habitat. Best of all, you’re guaranteed to spot whales during the tour! If you don’t see a whale, you’ll receive a free return “Whale Check” to try again (meal and transportation not included). We can’t wait to welcome you aboard this whale watch season!

The Early Bird Whale Watch cruise departs at 8:45AM and returns at 10:45AM, while the Premier Whale Watch cruise departs at noon and returns at 2:30PM. Guests can opt to add on either a hot breakfast buffet on the morning cruise or the delicious Taste of Hawaii buffet lunch on the afternoon cruise.

For more information or to book your cruise today, call (808) 983-STAR (7827) or visit

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