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Humpback Whale Profile

The humpbacks are here! Our favorite ocean visitors have returned to Hawaii’s warm ocean, where they spend the winter months breeding, giving birth, and nursing their young before returning to the cold Alaskan waters.

In Hawaiian, humpback whales are called kohala. These magnificent creatures have a special significance to Native Hawaiians, who view kohala as a family aumakua, or spiritual ancestor who takes the form of an animal. Many Hawaiians today still honor their aumakua and treat them with the utmost respect.

When watching these enormous marine mammals, it isn’t hard to understand why they deserve this respect. Humpbacks can range in size from 40 to 50 feet and weigh up to a whopping 45 tons. At the same time, they are remarkably graceful creatures, and can thrust nearly half of their bodies out of the water in a grand gesture known as breaching. Humpbacks are also very strong swimmers and use their flukes, or large tail fins, to drive them through the water. 

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Let the Whale Watching Begin!

The time has finally arrived! Today marks the first day of Star of Honolulu’s whale watch cruises! We can’t wait to welcome everyone aboard as we set sail on a spectacular ocean adventure.

As Hawaii’s most popular whale watch cruise, Star of Honolulu offers guests remarkable, 360-degree views of humpback whales as they wade through Hawaii’s warm waters—and sometimes you can even catch them as they breach! Our team of certified Naturalists will guide your cruise and provide you with all the tips you need to spot these magnificent ocean creatures. With a 60-foot high observation deck, four walk-around decks and three different types of stabilizers our vessel is designed to provide you with the best whale watching experience!

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